About us

Kyross is privately owned HR Outsourcing Company offering ‘Complete HR’, ‘People Management’ and ‘Recruitment Solutions’. Launched in 2010, we have quickly become recognized as the agency of choice and preferred HR outsourcing company.

Our sole aim is to provide clients with an uncompromised bespoke consultancy services solutions which are ‘tailored’ to answer companies' individual needs ... not more, not less, so you just pay for what you need.

Our service portfolio comprises of recruitment, training, performance management, organisational structuring, policies & processes and other HR activities. We offer our expertize to start ups as well as established entities for further strengthening of their HR function.

Our Values

  • Honesty, integrity and respect are our fundamental values
  • We are passionate about quality and efficiency, and providing a professional service
  • Rigorous business processes and clear communication are embedded throughout our business
  • Dynamic and flexible in responding to your needs - we will not waste your time with unsuitable applications
  • We believe in building close working relationships taking time to fully understand client and candidate needs in order to ensure best fit
  • We want to make our clients lives easier by saving them valuable time and taking the pain out of the recruitment process
  • We will remain on top of all market and industry developments to ensure our clients receive exceptional quality and retain its competitive advantage.


HR Outsourcing is not simply Business Process Outsourcing. It is in effect HR Transformation, as it results in a sea change in the culture, mindset and efficiency within an organization.

  • Cost Reduction: HR Outsourcing if done right translates into reduced cost of the outsourced business function.
  • High ROI: Companies investing in HRO get high value for every Rupee spent because of the business function expertise and better quality of the external provider.
  • Kyross access to skilled workforce: This includes lower initial investment and quicker set-up/integration of the outsourced business function.
  • Why outsource to Kyross: Kyross has matured to an engagement model where Kyross is able to bring business focus in performing HR related transactions.

Our Philosophy

People for us is not mere a statistical resource but a means of “Human-Link” which is synchronized with organizational need for talent pool with the right career option.